The Liberian Billboard Weekly Top Ten Countdown and Song of the Week


The Liberian Billboard Entertainment Desk- We are back with our Liberian Music Top Ten Countdown and our Song of The Week. We have a new Song of the Week, while some songs have dropped, climbed, entered and left places on the chart.

The selection was done based on detailed analysis which include, production, lyrics, engineering and of course, public reactions.

Please find our weekly top ten countdown and song of the week below:

At Number “10” is Revolution featuring Kizzy W with the song, Fear Not


At number “9” is Jaredo featuring Stunna with the song, Nobody


Dropping at number “8” song of the week is Styleeyenen, by CIC featuring Alonzo


Also dropping three places is Nuchie Meek’s This is Liberia song which sits at number “7” on our weekly top ten countdown


Dropping three places this week at number “6” is the song Baby O by Stunna


Dropping three places at Number “5” is Hustlers Prayer by Homey, featuring Deng


Climbing two places at number “4” is the song, Bosschick by Bilikon Entertainment artist, CJAY


Entering the chart at Number “3” is Bucky Raw Woomii


Dropping one place from top spot at Number “2” is Bounce by Kobazzie
Entering the chart, hitting top spot and our Song of the Week is, Put It On Me by CJAY of Bilikon Entertainment

To listen to these songs, go to YouTube and search the name of the song, and of course, enjoy good music!!!!