Information Ministry Again: Minister Vs Former Deputy Minister


Monrovia, Liberia- The Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism is gradually becoming a hub for controversy, with Ministers from the entity in recent times embroiled in war of words with current and ex officials of government.

It can be recalled, Deputy Minister Eugene Fahngon went on an insulting rout on two lawmakers over the weekend in what he termed, defense of his rights. Minister Fahngon firstly insulted Hon. Edwin Melvin Snowe and levied many allegations against him, while Hon. Acarous Gray was heavily insulted and threatened to get beaten by Fahngon when the district 8 lawmaker attempted to intervene in the saga.

Barely four days after the Fahngon-Snowe saga, the Minister of Information, Hon. Eugene Nagbe was on Tuesday briefly involved in his own episode of War of Words with a former Deputy Minister on Social Media.

In a Facebook post, Ricxk Barsigaih, former Deputy Minister for Technical Services at MICAT accused Minister Nagbe of attacking his person and accused him of being inept and corrupt. Barsigiah threatened to expose Minister Nagbe’s corrupt practices and said, “Len, you just shot yourself in the leg”.

In his response under the post, the Minister of Information urged Barsigiah to expose whatever information he had on him. He said it is the constitutional right of Barsigiah to speak out, but warned the former MICAT Deputy Minister that releasing any information might be shooting himself in the head, instead of the legs.

There were supporters on on both sides of the fray, however, many young people, including fellow partisans of Unity Party for which Barsigiah is a member, sided with Minister Nagbe. They said Barsigiah’s response was inappropriate and harsh and that his attack against the Minister was uncalled for.

Mr. Barsigiah was responding to a statement by Minister Nagbe during the government of Liberian Special Press Briefing on Tuesday. In what was a joke, Minister Nagbe told Assistant Minister of Information David Kolleh, that he should stop posting on Facebook before Ricx Barsigiah start following him and responding under his posts since he now occupies the position Barsigiah vacated due to the election of the CDC-led government. Minister Nagbe had earlier use the same joke with former Deputy Information Minister Jacob Jallah and current Deputy Information Minister, Boakai Fofana, Sr. After Barsigiah got the information of the Minister’s statement, he immediately took to Facebook in retaliation.

Up to this morning, comments from all sides in support of both parties were still flowing under the post. We will keep you updated with more developments