How to make a woman reach orgasm using the fingers


The Liberian Billboard Love, Relationship, Sex and Dating Desk- Oftentimes, men think women mostly gain pleasure through penetrative sex. However, studies show that there are several other ways to make a woman reach orgasm even in the absence of penetrative sex.

The Liberian Billboard Love, Relationship, Sex and Dating desk have been reviewing studies and have begun what is a series of tips in make women reach orgasm, beginning with fingering.

Below, are tips on how to finger a woman neatly and properly:

1. Trimmed and neat fingernails are important

Uncut and uncleaned nails are not only painful, but risk giving a woman infection because of bacteria long nails carry. For the sake of safety and lack of pain for the woman, always have clean and well kept nails before thrusting your finger into any woman.

2. Attack the clit in a circular and gentle manner

In case you don’t know, the clitoris is the nucleus of every woman satisfaction, and is in fact, the most important part on a woman’s body. Use two fingers (the index and middle fingers) to massage her clitoris in a circular, but soft pattern. Once you start the process, within minutes you will notice her clitoris swelling and slightly swollen. Keep using the pattern and don’t lost consistency.

3. Introduce the middle finger

Usually, when applying the second process (number 2), most women will want you do it hard and faster. In that case, release the middle finger into her vagina and start thrusting it in and out like when you are using your penis in penetrative sex. Depending on how she responds, increase or decrease the speed of the middle finger thrusting until you find a pattern that keeps her moaning and groaning.

4. Find the g-spot using the index finger

Another important figure in using fingers to make a woman reach orgasm, is her g-spot. To locate g-spot, raise your palm and make the “come here” motion using your middle and index fingers. The G-spot is usually located 2-3 inches deep and upwards in the vagina towards the front wall. It feels like a tougher or rougher skin. Begin slowly, gently, and gradually build the speed up to faster and hard penetration with the fingers.