Big Cassava: How a woman thinks about large penis


Having a huge penis is supposed to be a good news right? Being well endowed is what every guy wishes for – and what every woman probably wishes for. However, having a big dick isn’t all that when you look at it from the female perspective. Here’s what women really think about your big cassava.

During copulation:

Having a big penis can be really beneficial during sex because it has the capacity to touch and stimulate the g-spot. However, a guy with a smaller dick can do that also, if he just knows how to use what he’s got well.

Having a big penis can cause a woman pain during and after sex, and may even cause her to bleed. So special care must be taken when having sex with a guy who has a big penis so as not to cause injury or distress.

Notwithstanding, the vagina is made to expand and accept a wide variety of things, so it’s clearly not impossible for a woman to have sex with a very well endowed guy. But if it’s going to be any good, you have to keep these key factors in mind.

You need to use lube. Using lube will help soothe you into her vagina more easily than without it. So don’t think that you’ve turned her on enough that she’s so wet she doesn’t need any lubrication.

You should go slow. Give her time to stretch and accept your big penis. It’s going to take a little time. So you need to warm her up first and you can also give her oral sex. Just get her really aroused. When a woman is aroused enough, the vagina can almost double in length, making it much easier and more comfortable to take you all in.