Audio Recording: Eugene Fahngon Threaten to Beat-Up Rep. Acarous Gray


Monrovia, Liberia- In continuation of the Edwin Snowe vs Eugene Fahngon saga, the situation has taken another trend, with Deputy Information Minister, Eugene Fahngon threatening to beat Rep. Acarous Gray.


According to reports, Representative Gray went to the Police Station to intervene in the situation that occurred between Snowe and Fahngon, but was met with stiff resistance from Minister Fahngon. Ensuing conversations turned heated between both men and expletives were released.

In the audio recording posted above, Rep. Gray can be heard telling Minister Fahngon to not politicize the situation after He (Fahngon) insinuated something about Unity Party. This led to Mr. Fahngon responding in a harsh manner which made Rep. Gray to refer to him as a small boy. From that point forward, the situation got out of control, with Fahngon threatening to beat Gray.

When cautioned by Gray that he(Fahngon) was speaking to lawmakers, Minister Fahngon said he works at the will and pleasure of the President and does not owe anything to the Legislature.

Eyewitneses who were on the scene and spoke to The Liberian Billboard said, had it not been for police intervention, the two man would have gotten involved into a serious brawl.

Many Liberians who gave their views on the latest saga told our correspondents that Minister Fahngon days might be numbered, as insulting Rep. Gray who is a stalwart and close confidant of President is way over the line.

We will keep bringing you updates as new developments come in.