(18+) For Ladies: Three Ways To Fuck Your Man to Make Him Adore You


The Liberian Billboard Sex and Dating Desk- It is a known fact that men often love to be in control during sex. However, when a lady takes control in bed, it reduces a man assertiveness not only in sex, but in the relationship as a whole.

Here are ways to fuck your man and make him never stop thinking about your even after sex:

  1. The Cowgirl Position

For women who want to take control, while giving themselves real pleasure, this is the position to consult. With the cowgirl position, your man not only see your sexiness as your ride him, but you can also touch yourself to orgasm and feel like sex giant at the same time.

The cowgirl position see the woman on top and riding her man

2. The Reverse Cowgirl

In a reverse of the original cowgirl position, this style can put you in control even if you are shy. While not looking into his face, you can show your man that you are really hot from behind while fucking his damn brains out.

The reverse cowgirl position

3. Face-Off Position

The Face-Off position brings and extra advantage for you ladies because it elevates intimacy to another level. Holding your man in your arms, you can ride him straight to wonderland. in this position, your guy will sit on a chair or at the edge of a bed while you sit on top and facing him. You can cuddle his head between your breasts, or even have him suck your breasts while playing with head and rocking him in to another world.

Using the above three methods, a lady will have total control over her man and trust me, your demands will be met in shortest times possible!!!!

The Face-Off position