The Comics of “Liberian Politics”

by Joe R. Manley, Guest Contributor


Guest Commentary- Some reason why we have some much of this hate, is because some of you are still loyal to the old grand ideology, were they taught your to be bone pickers, but y’all forgetting this ain’t 1978-1990, this 2018 yaw!!! What the hell all this hate about, a whole god damn generation wiped off this country during the civil war, 250K!!

When do we realize that the old way hasn’t gotten us any where or brought us any good, every leader that God has allowed us to choose, we either killed them or told them they ain’t good enough or fit to lead, most often it is not that our leaders are the problems, yes they do some crazy stuff; but frankly its us the people, gov’t officials and the freaking politicians who think they can ruin a leader’s party to get into power.

No one an can fix this country’s mess, all that we’ve done is to create too much mess, even to the point that when an opposition comes to power, it has a whole lot to clear before its own agenda can take shape. I have lived 26 years of my freaking life in this country, I have gone to bed hungry, I have to grappled with the choice of choosing the right way or the short way, along the way I made some silly mistakes; but that’s not the issue, the real deal is nobody feel Liberian or loyal if it is not them running the show.

From the family to the country level, the greed, deception and quest to be the only “Fit” to do a particular job, has polarized our society, this country has too much to offer, what is it we as a people have given back? the failure to govern properly, to set bench marks for the youths to see education as the right way, instead of becoming stooges for the failed old liberators; to break the economy barrier between the Have’s and the Have not, to propagate legislation that create an enabling environment for the rule of law, were so called war heroes get their day in courts and don’t get pay fat salaries, but instead we way too busy ‘hating”!!!

Strangely enough, we hail and celebrate buffoons and gluttons who pretend not to be part of the spoil, but creep at midnight drinking from the fountain of distrust and deception. My political philosophy will never be based on the vilifying of any regime, but to promote a sense of truth and honesty, not to seek any relevance and or aggrandizement, absolutely no one is bigger and better than Liberia!

I am pissed off, when I see kids still hungry, not in school and wearing tatter clothes, while it is true my kids have, yet it will become a national burden for them in the future; what is it that we are talking about then, ourselves or the generation of tomorrow.

I am angry and deeply saddened, how did we come to this level of ignorance, democracy is so easy, it is a win or loose process, followed by leadership by the ruling party and constructive engagement by the opposition ; but all I see is lack of respect, courtesy and shared ignorance on the issue that identify us as a Nation; is “Liberia” even the main reason we are in this boat?

Elections are far gone, Liberia is not a state of UPIST, CDCIan, LPist or whatever party or Tribal affiliation, is a state of one people called Liberians; when do we draw our attention to the real issues? too much of energy being use on the lesser issues and by far less energy on the things that matter.

We must all cultivate a true sense of belonging, everybody wants a cheering squad, we’ve become so accustomed to be followers and instead of being innovative; I have to come believe we are far from getting where we want to be, if we continuously seek out vengeance, hate and deception as a means of helping check mate our leaders!!!

Note, everything isn’t just going to be as is, we need to think right and do right for the sake of Liberia all the Time!!

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