Senator Prince Johnson warns of chaos; as calls for War Crime Court intensify

Nimba County Senator, Prince Y. Johnson, is one of those recommended for prosecution by the TRC

Monrovia, Liberia- As calls for War Crime Court intensify among some Liberians, Nimba County Senior Senator, Prince Y. Johnson has warned of chaos if any plan of a War Crime Court is implemented in Liberia.

Please see recording of Senator Johnson below:


Senator Prince Johnson made the statement when he spoke in Monrovia as he responded to some Liberians who are calling for the establishment of a War Crimes Court in Liberia. Senator Johnson who was recommended in a Truth and Reconciliation report for prosecution said, he couldn’t fold his hands and allow his people to be slaughtered. The Senator said, “Your know the oath we took in the army? We took the oath to defend the people, the sovereignty, not the sovereignty of the President. We told the army not to execute illegal orders; unlawful orders.”

The Nimba County Lawmaker said, those calling for the establishment of a War Crimes Court are not smart and that President Weah sees no reason to arrest anybody. He said, if those who are calling for the court were in power and should have wanted to arrest anyone, the army could have been divided into factions.

Senator Johnson said, the army would be divided on tribal lines, and the country will descend in chaos if there is any attempt to establish a War Crimes Court. The Senator said, he reminded President Weah that he was elected by the people of Nimba, and when the President needed his support, he handed Nimba over to him by presenting him to citizens of the county. He said, although the President is trying his best, but Nimba County support to the President for the next election will depend on how many Nimbaians are appointed at top posts in the current government. “Nimba is large. Although we will support him, but the next election, we will use all our resources to repatriate every Nimbaians to come home and register for the census, so we can have huge number.”The Senator identified himself as the gateway between the people of Nimba and the Government of Liberia. He said, the people of Nimba look up to him, and that President George Weah have their backing, as they also have his backing. “When you touch George Weah, you touch us”, Hon. Johnson said.

Senator Prince Johnson and President George Weah during the 2017 elections in Nimba County


Senator Johnson further stated that calls for the establishment of a  War Crime Court is a fiasco and that it will never come to Liberia. He accused former TRC Chairman, Cllr. Jerome Verdier and another former Commissioner, Mrs. Massa Washington of deliberately concealing the results of the referendum taken for the establishment of a War Crimes Court in Liberia. He termed Cllr. Verdier’s action as criminal, and that the result of the referendum says, 85 percent of Liberians rejected the idea of a War Crimes Court so as to avoid trouble.