News Alert: Heavy rain causes flooding around Monrovia


Monrovia- With blocked and limited drainage system and unmonitored construction activities, heavy rain is once again causing flooding around Monrovia and its environs.

According to our reporters who many themselves are victims of the flooding, rain have been pounding the city nonstop since Friday. Reports says, many persons have been made homeless as a result of the flooding and victims are calling on government for urgent assistance.

Areas around Monrovia flooded as a result of heavy rains

In Brewerville where most of the areas are above sea level, cars can be seen submerged under water and communities in the city overtaken by water.

Cars submerged underwater as a result of floods caused by heavy rain

This is the second time this year that heavy flooding caused by rain has affected Monrovia. In July this year, many areas around the Somalia drive were flooded after few days of rain. Our correspondents in the city says, those areas are still being affected and residents say they don’t see any sign of solution to the problem anytime soon.

Residents aid neighbors in rescue efforts during flooding in Monrovia

Effort to get a statement from authorities at the Ministry of Public Works proved futile as officials contacted did not answer their phones.