Latest Liberian Fries, Gossips and Gees


The Liberian Billboard Gossip, Geez and Fries Desk- Every society has all kinds of sides to it, most often, the Political, Social and Religious sides. The Liberian Billboard has been digging into some of the latest fries, gossips and geez and brings you updates on happenings. Some geez here will not have names for until all the full details are available

Here are your latest geez and gossips:

1. The Liberian Entertainment Industry Wahala

*****Christoph and Bucky Raw are still going at it with the Woomii Song Title. Bucky Raw said he wrote his Woomii over one and a half years ago, recorded it but just recently launched it and did the music video. However, Christoph said, the Bucky Raw only launched Woomii because his Woomii was in the works. Well, the Woomii controversy can only be put to rest by the reception of the fans. Which Woomi o will have greater impact is yet to be seen.

Bucky Raw and Christoph

*****There are reports that Kobazzie and Kizzy W have settled their beef over the writing of the song, Bounce. In the past week, both musicians have been going at it over the credit for writing of the song. When we contacted Kobazzie, he confirmed that he and Kizzy W spoke and that everything was under control.

*****AK, a self-proclaimed dance-hall Liberian Musician has been attacking Christoph for the past few weeks, even claiming that Christoph is gay. He accused Christoph of always undermining other musicians and have threatened to have him attacked whenever he visits Liberia. Christoph hasn’t officially responded to any of his claim, however, latest info available to The Liberian Billboard says, Christoph is planning serious retaliation against AK.

*****AB Lincoln, a.k.a WondaBoi LR goes loco on Social Media, claiming that he is in love with Radio heavyweight Rickslyn Myers. Just few weeks ago, WondaBoi was seen attacking Rickslyn on Social Media because she was against the candidacy of DJ Blue. The attacks pushed Ms. Myers to post screenshots of a conversation between she and WondaBoi where he was professing his love for her.

Wondaboi and Liberian Radio prodigy Rickslyn Myers

2. Love Story

*****The GT Bank saga looks like like a chick is involved. That calculator the GT Bank Managing Director threw at Freeman is said to be a way back grudge he been holding for jue business. Check the full story on The Liberian Billboard…

GT Bank Manager, Ayodeji and Edward Freeman

*****One serious side-chick has been overthrown from her position by another side-chick. The side-chick who used to be seen proudly flaunting the married dude has gone “Missing-In-Action” as it relates to the whole relationship. The new side-chick has become the C-I-C of the whole love triangle.

*****The friendship between two former besties have come to an end as a result of a godpa story. The two friends who used to be strongly admired by many, got into a fistfight when Mary (not her real name), the first bestie noticed text messages from the godpa in the phone of Rachel (not her real name), the second bestie. According to the story, after Mary asked Rachel why her godpa was sending her those kind of messages, Rachel response was, “He na any of us husband.” This response made both women got into an argument, and led to a very big fight between the two. The godpa in question has some lil money, and both women don’t want to lose him. The two ladies are not speaking and the Papay is still seeing the both of them. We will really miss those fine pcitures they used to post together mehn.

*****A so-called big boy in Monrovia is in the habit of finding underage little girls for older men he is associated with. This so-called big boy who always acts like a top-20 on Social Media is said to be exclusively employed by these older men for that purpose. He recently went on a mission to another little girl and she apparently set him up and threatened to expose him. the brabee has been begging lil the girl like hell.

3. Slay Queen Stories

*****Reports say, certain slay queens have been put under surveillance by the managements of Musu Spot and Anglers because they usually go at those places just to occupy tables and waiting for men to offer them. Our geez sources say, the management of the two places are planning some serious actions against anyone who will just go occupy free seat without purchasing while real customers want to purchase .

4. Politics

*****A certain government official is said to be in the habit of taking money from people for appointment because of his closeness to the President. This official as our geez and gossip sources say, was recently stripped of certain appointment powers from Prezo after certain deal almost backfired.

*****Geezformation says, some people from the opposition who once criticized certain people for supporting the CDC during the 2017 election as “job seekers” are the ones chasing officials of the CDC for job. Many of the Gbana Man them have even crossed over to the party in recent times, leaving their once beloved parties. Whether it is gravy or actual loyalty to the CDC is yet to be seen. Some other Gbana man them are shame to come publicly and doing undercover operations….