Former CDC-USA Chairman, Vah Isaac Tukpah disses Deputy Information Minister Eugene Fahngon on Social Media

Mr. Van Isaac Tukpah, former CDC-USA Chair

Monrovia- Political rivalry is something that is often seen between opposing political parties. While internal rivalries among partisans and supporters of the same party do exist, public splatters between those internal rivals are rare; however, not in the case of former CDC USA Chairman Vah Isaac Tukpah and Deputy Information Minister, Eugene Fahngon.

Since his appointment and subsequent confirmation, Deputy Information Minister Eugene Fahngon has been in the spotlight of national issues, and very controversial at times. His responses to opposition and those who criticize government on national issues have been deemed by critics as non-governmental undiplomatic, and most often unorthodox. On many occasions, Minister Fahngon is seen on Facebook Live spewing rants at individuals and partisans of the opposition in ways what many observers say are below his Minsterial portfolio.

However, it seems like Mr. Fahngon met his match when Vah Isaac Tukpah, former Chair of the CDC-USA took him to task in a detailed and well-penned attack on Social Media. In the Facebook post by Mr. Tukpah, he alleged that Minister Fahngon who is not a partisan of the Coalition for Democratic Change is degrading the party by his actions and in fact disrespecting partisans of the party who toiled and sweated for the party. Chairman Tukpah said, Minister Fahngon does not deserve the position he currently holds, and have never brought anything extra to the CDC. He said Mr. Fahngon is enjoying what other partisans suffered for, and should desist from all disrespectful acts toward die-hard partisans.

In his response under the post, Minister Fahngon also known as the “Political Cartel” said that he is not a partisan of CDC and will never be. He alleged that Chairman Tukpah attacks his friends intelligently and is selling the CDC out to political rivals. The Minister said, “One of these days, the world will watch me present you as a gift to the opposition; this is my final warning to you”.

The exchanges between both men got very heated and other people joined the fray, supporting both parties involved. Recent reports and rumors that have been circulating states, former Chairman Vah Isaac Tukpah is being ignored by President Weah for an appointment because of some differences. However, Mr. Tukpah is still seen on various social media platforms defending the cause of the CDC and the government at every opportunity, making those rumors hard to believe.

Mr. Vah Isaac Tukpah and President George Weah seen in this photo at an occassion

When contacted by The Liberian Billboard, Mr. Tukpah declined to comment on the issue. In the meantime, Minister Eugene Fahngon have not responded to messages left him by The Liberian Billboard.