For mistreating Liberians, Deputy Information Minister Eugene Fahngon challenges Air Maroc officials in Casablanca


Monrovia- The Deputy Information Minister for Press and Public Affairs, Mr. Eugene Fahngon was over the weekend seen engaged in a heated argument with officials of Air Maroc in Casablanca.

In a video circulating Social Media, Minister Fahngon was seen addressing an official of Royal Air Maroc about discrimination and mistreatment metted against Liberians and Africans in general whenever there is flight delay. Minister Fahngon told the Air Maroc official that Liberians cannot pay the same amount of money for ticket as Americans, but when there is a flight delay, Americans are given hotels, while Liberians are left to lay on the floor in waiting spaces and corridors of the airport. Said Minister Fahngon, “There are courtrooms in Liberia. Pay a hundred dollars to put these people in a hotel or you will pay thousands of dollars in Liberia”. The Deputy Information Minister reminded the official that he is a government official and wouldn’t leave until action was taken.

Minister Fahngon seen addressing an official of Royal Air Maroc

The action by Minister Fahngon has been met with mixed reactions by Liberians. Some Liberians from both sides of the political divide have hailed the Minister’s action as being patriotic and sympathetic, and said it was a true representation of a government official. Other Liberians, especially those from the opposition criticized the Minister’s action, terming it as a show for the camera. They said, Air Maroc was not wrong for leaving Liberians in the terminal to wait, as unlike Americans, Liberians need transit visa before leaving the airport to enter into Morocco. “Americans don’t require visas to travel to many countries around the world, and as such, are free to be moved to hotels by airline officials when a situation arises, so was the instance in Morocco” a Liberian from the opposition block said.

In another development, Minister Eugene Fahgon has pledged to double down on any official or member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change who tries to scandalize the government in any way. Responding to an inquiry by The Liberian Billboard about a recent public splatter between he and former CDC-USA Chairman Vah Isaac Tukpah, Mr. Fahngon said he doesn’t care about who the member is or how long they have been with the party, his position as Deputy Minister for Press and Public Affairs of the government requires him to defend the government against nonsensical attacks, while proffering its agenda. Minister Fahngon told The Liberian Billboard that he will continue to do his job delligently, and in accordance with the Act of Legislature which created the Ministry of Information. As reported earlier, Mr. Vah Isaac Tukpah declined to speak to The Liberian Billboard on the matter.