Disappointments, displeasures and controversy taints political dialogue


Monrovia- Opposition political parties at the just ended political dialogue organized by the Governement of Liberia have expressed disappointments and displeasure at the way the meeting was conducted.

Originally proposed by President George Weah for the purpose of reconciliation, political tolerance and advancement of ideas, the forum was expected to have positive outcomes. However, views from many sectors in the opposition have been negative, with some terming the forum as a charade.

Darius Dillon, Jacob Jallah and Amos Tweh,  all of a new political collaboration highlighted the limited time allotted to each opposition to speak. Speaking on OK FM in Monrovia, the men said the whole idea of the politcal forum was great, but in their view did not produce the needed outcome because they were not accorded maximum time to express their ideas.

Hon. Steve Zargo who Chairs the Liberty Party and refused permission to speak during the meeting because only political leaders were allowed to, stated his frustration at the process. The Senator from Lofa County accused the governement of only calling the meeting to paint a good image to the international community. Mo Ali of the Unity Party said, he expected a meeting that would have given the opposition time to speak on issues and forward recommendations that would fix the country’s problems. Many other members of the opposition who spoke to The Liberian Billboard expressed their frustration and said the meeting was a waste of time.

In the meantime, Deputy Information Minister, Eugene Fahngon has criticized the opposition for being a group of people who do not mean well for Liberia. The Minister said, the behavior of the opposition is tantamount to the growth of Liberia and many of them are just opposed to the government based on the successes it is already recording.

In a related development, the Executive Mansion in a statement said, the decision if the President to meet the opposition was an act of goodwill. The release stated that other Presidents would have taken a different approach and choose to do things at their will since they were in power. The statement further identified one day as limited time to discuss all the issues affecting the country, but further strengthens the President’s call for the “all hands of deck” approach to tackle the country’s problems.