Breaking News: SUP offices ordered locked by UL Administration; amid internal rift among partisans


Monrovia- The offices of the vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP) of the University of Liberia were on Saturday ordered locked by Administration of the University amid internal rift among officials and militants of the largest student political organization in Liberia.

Wielders were seen wielding various iron and lock components at the entrance of SUP offices on the main campus of the University, while few partisans standing around were challenging that the office will be opened by Monday.

SUP has being engulfed in a leadership struggle since its failed independence day protest. However, one report suggests that the power struggle between Secretary General Martin Kollie and Chairman Butu Levi has been settled, but a renegade faction of the party known as the Fendell Students Association or FENSA is the main group in the party that is creating chaos.

SUP Secretary General Martin N. Kollie and Chairman Levi Butu (both middle) seen marching during a campus protest

When contacted, an official of the UL administration who asked to remained anonymous  told the Liberian Billboard that the locking of SUP offices is in direct response to the current rift within the party. The official informed our reporter that the UL administration decision is intended to avoid chaos between the factions within the party, which he said, if not addressed in a swift manner, would have dire consequences on normal school activities. Up to press time, we couldn’t get in contact with any official of the Student Unification Party.

This is a developing story, and we will keep you updated on incoming developments.