Breaking News: GT Bank Liberia Managing Director Assaults Senior Staffer


Monrovia, Liberia- What has been normal practices by Nigerian bosses employed at various banking institutions in Liberia, finally came to reality Tuesday, when the Managing Director of the Guaranty Trust Bank in Liberia, Mr. Ajodeji Bejide, assaulted a Senior Staff of the institution in his office.

In a video shared by our sister institution, Gbana TV, Mr. Freeman can be seen bleeding from the lips in Mr. Bejide office after a calculator was thrown at him. The GT Bank Managing Director can be heard in the video, pleading with Mr. Freeman to calm down. Mr. Freeman then walks out of the office of Mr. Bejide at the end of the video.

When The Liberian Billboard made contact with Mr. Freeman, he said that for now he couldn’t speak on the issue as he is seeking legal redress. Many persons who commented on the video posted on Gbana TV Facebook Page expressed serious anger at the ordeal. They said, Nigerian employers are often aggressive toward Liberians employees and speak to them in any manner and faction. Few former employees who spoke to The Liberian Billboard on condition of anonymity said, Mr. Ajodeji Bejide is known for verbal assaults. A female employee told our correspondent that she resigned because of his behavior, especially toward female staffers. She said, the GT Bank MD talks down on employees and Senior Staffers like they are his kids, and address them in any manner or faction despite the location. Personal friends of Mr. Edward Freeman said they were very surprised that anyone would attack him because of his humble, quiet and calm demeanor.

This is a developing story, and The Liberian Billboard will update the story as more information comes in.