Breaking News: Cllr. Fonati Koffa, former Chair of the Liberty Party, joins CDC


Monrovia, Liberia- As political surprises continue to hit the Liberian political spectrum, cross-carpeting and alliances are becoming the two major highlights in play. This was evident late Tuesday when J. Fonati Koffa, former chairman of the opposition Liberty Party formally joined the ruling Coalition for Democracy change.

Cllr. Koffa who is currently a member of the House of Representatives of the Liberian Legislature, was flanked by another former Chairman of the Liberty Party, Benjamin Sanvee.

During his introductory remarks, the Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democracy Change, Mulbah Morlu said, Hon. Koffa was a CDCian long before the program. He said, although Cllr. Koffa was a member of another party, his ideologies and behavior were directly aligned to that of the Coalition of Democratic Change, and he has always been a support system to the party. Mr. Morlu was quick to remind the audience that he shouldn’t be identified as the person responsible for Hon. Koffa decision to formally join the party. The CDC Chair said, “I didn’t recruit Koffa as being speculated. If there is anybody to be credited with Hon. Koffa’s recruitment, it should be the Standard Bearer of the party, President George Weah. It was Koffa himself who called me and said he was ready to publicly join the party and asked me about a date, which I immediately told him today would be best.” Morlu said, he did’t want to waste time with Koffa’s ceremony as his desire to formally join the party could be equated to a lady a guy has been chasing for awhile inviting him to dinner.

Mr. Mulbah Morlu, Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change

For his part, Hon. Fonati Koffa lauded the leadership of the Coalition for Democracy Change and thanked partisans for turning up at the program. He said, he had been in political wilderness since the 2017 elections and after much considerations and based on past interactions with stalwarts of the CDC, including Chairman Morlu and President Weah, he found it prudent to join the party. Hon. Koffa said, the interpersonal relationships between he and many stalwarts of the party played an important role in his decision. “While I was still in the political wilderness when the Legislature convened, the CDC called me and told me come, we will make you the 5th most powerful person in this place. As I reflect on this, it dawned on me that you got to be loyal to the people who have been loyal to you”, he said. Cllr. Koffa further stated that it was the loyalty of the hierarchy and members of CDC that also influenced his decision, and pledged his unwavering support to the party. The Grand Kru county lawmaker said, he believes that the CDC-led government will succeed, therefore, he wants to be part of that legacy.

In a related development, the Chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change, Mr. Mulbah Morlu has called on the opposition to desist from giving wrong information about the just ended political forum. Mr. Morlu made the statement on Tuesday at programs marking the formal entrance of Cllr. Fonati Koffa into the CDC as member of the party. The CDC Chairman said, “The opposition are complaining that they didn’t have enough time to express their ideas, but when they were given 3-mins, some of them only used half of the time allotted to them.” Mr. Morlu said, the only discussion that should be ongoing is the list of recommendations they promised to forward to the President after the forum. Not calling Darius Dillon by name, Mr. Morlu threw a jab at the Liberty Party stalwart when he said, “I see people comparing a certain politician to President Weah. No one should even compare him to the President. Not someone who flip flops, and given scholarship on taxpayers money but couldn’t survive, should be compared an inch to the President.”

Hon. Koffa joining the CDC is evidence of recent political cross-carpeting and diversions. In recent times, there have been many undercover cross-carpeting, especially from members of the opposition to the ruling party. This is not strange in Liberian politics, as during the regime of Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, stalwarts from other political parties including a former Chair and Secretary General of the then opposition CDC crossed over to the Unity Party.