Breaking Fries: Montserrado County District 17 on fire; as Rep. Hanson Kiazolu and former aspirant Abraham Sesay engage in surrogates jailing warfare


Monrovia- What seem like a local political firestorm, has been ignited in Montserrado County District 17 between Representative Hanson Kiazolu and former representative aspirant Abraham Sesay, leading to trading of allegations and jailing of surrogates of both men.

Mr. Abraham Sesay, former representative aspirant, District 17, Montserrado County

According to reports, the tension between both men has been ongoing since the 2017 elections, but has in recent weeks been upgraded to another level. It all started when the niece of Hon. Hanson Kiazolu, a lady known as Princess Fahnbulleh, reportedly accused him of rape and threats to kill her if she came out with the story in public. Although she later refuted the claim on Social Media through family intervention, however, a recording in the possession of The Liberian Billboard have the voices of two females explaining the ordeal to a reporter from Joy FM; one of the voices reportedly belonging to Madam Princess Fahnbulleh who can be heard explaining how the whole ordeal occurred. The Liberian Billboard has not independently verified the voices on the recording.

Ms. Princess Fahnbulleh and her uncle Hon. Hanson Kiazolu during happy days
A picture supposedly taken after the alleged attack on Ms. Princess Fahnbulleh by Hon. Hanson Kiazolu
Ms. Princess Fahnbulleh clarifications on the rape allegations against Hon. Kiazolu

After the story came out on social media and on other news mediums, surrogates of Hon. Kiazolu who claimed it was a setup from the Sesay camp mounted strings of attacks against him. These trading of allegations and insults went another step further when Teage George, a resident of District 17 and a surrogate of Rep. Kiazolu posted pictures of Mr. Sesay on Facebook, with captions alleging that Sesay is a criminal and runs a dubious company. Mr. George went further by saying that nobody should do business with Sesay’s company only known so far by the abbreviated name (ACSFS). Immediately after seeing the posts, Sesay filed a Criminal Coercion Harassment lawsuit against Mr. George (a copy that is posted at the end of this article) which seeks damages of up to US$2.2 million. Mr. George was arrested on Saturday, August 4, 2018, charged and subsequently sent to court, where he was ordered sent to the Monrovia Central Prison by the presiding judge.


One of several posts that led to Mr. Teage George arrest
Another post from Mr. George against Mr. Sesay
Mr. Teage George, arrested and jailed surrogate of Hon. Hanson Kiazolu


The Criminal Harrassment Coercion Lawsuit filed by Hon. Abarahm Sesay against Mr. Teage George

In retaliation to Mr. Sesay’s lawsuit against his surrogate, Hon. Hanson Kiazolu filed a defamation lawsuit against surrogates of Mr. Sesay, in persons of Mr. Johnnie Gbayelakpor and Siaffa Jenekai. According to witnesses who spoke to our reporters, Mr. Gbayelakpor was arrested around 1:00am at his home by officers of the Liberia National Police. Mr. Siaffa Jenekai is said to be on the run, and a third person who sources say is included in the lawsuit was reportedly arrested, but The Liberian Billboard has not been able to verify the information. Mr. Obed Gibah, the purported third person included in Hon. Kiazolu defamation lawsuit, once worked for Mr. Sesay’s Red Power FM in the Hotel Africa area. Our sources say, Mr. Gibah is the reporter from Joy FM who the niece and sister of Hon. Kiazolu called to explained the rape allegations. It is alleged that Gibah and Ms. Princess Fahnbulleh are lovers; an allegation both parties deny. Up to press time, we did not get a copy of Hon. Kiazolu lawsuit, however, supporters of Mr. Sesay told our correspondents that unlike Teage George, Mr. Johnnie Gbayelakpor was never arraigned before a judge, but was arrested and transported straight to the Monrovia Central Prison.

Mr. Abraham Sesay, left and his arrested surrogate, Mr. Johnnie Gbayelakpor

The rift between Messrs. Sesay and Kiazolu is an aged-old affair, and both men have never been able to see eye-to-eye since both announced their candidacy for the House of Representatives . Hon. Hanson Kiazolu is former Muslim who converted to Christianity but still has deep ties to Islam through family relationship, while Mr. Abraham Sesay is a devout Muslim. Several attempts by Imams and Church elders to united the two men have failed.With surrogates on both sides incarcerated, citizens of the district are speculating that the current drama will have to end in a compromise; a process of freedom for their surrogates.

We will bring you subsequent development on the saga as it comes in.