Ayodeji vs Freeman: Was It A Grudge Over A Girl???

GT Bank Manager, Ayodeji and Edward Freeman

Monrovia, Liberia- Monrovia and many parts of West Africa were rocked yesterday with the news of a major bank Managing Director assaulting one of his senior staffer. The Liberian Billboard has been doing some in-depth investigation and uncovered some details.

According to our sources, the action on the part of the Managing Director of GT Bank Liberia might have been from a long running grudge, since it is no secret that he and Freeman are dating the same girl, also an employee of the Bank. The lady in question (name withheld) is said to be Edward Freeman’s known relationship, however, the lady is said to also be dating the Managing Director which is known in Liberia as a Godpa. This, according to our sources who asked to remain on condition of anonymity and have direct knowledge of the affairs, have always built tension between the two men, since both of them know they are dating the same girl. The report says, the GT Bank MD started dating the lady in question first, before she later started to date Freeman, an action which Ayodeji saw as disrespect.

The incident yesterday begun after Mr. Edward Freeman was called to the Bank’s MD office to answer some inquiries about the Legislative accounts he was handling. Our sources say, Mr. Ayodeji was not satisfied with how the Speaker and other members of the House loan processes were being delayed and started to rant at Freeman. It was in the process of back and forth between the two men, coupled with the long time grudge Ayodeji was harboring against Freeman that he flung the calculator at his (Freeman) face that ultimately led to the cut on his mouth. “The Managing Director anger might have also been influenced by the recent vacation Freeman and the lady in question took together and traveled abroad”, one of our source said. The lady at the center of the saga has been tight-lipped on the issue since the incident, according to our sources.

In the meantime, Liberians and West African nationals, including Nigeria where Ayodeji hails from, have condemned his action. Most comments under the video posted on Gbana TV Facebook page showing the aftermath of the incident which now has almost 60,000 views, have called for the prosecution of Mr. Ayodeji with no compromise. Many Nigerians who commented also acknowledge the same action by fellow Nigerian bosses back home, and said these constant behavior on the part of Nigerian Executives need to stop.

Mr. Ayodeji was arrested by the Liberia National Police yesterday and is awaiting trial. Meanwhile, the Central Bank of Liberia has mandated the Board of GT Bank Liberia to suspend Mr. Ayodeji immediately, pending outcome of the court proceeding. The Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Liberia has also weighed in on the issue, and condemned the action of the GT Bank Managing Director.