Angel Michael responds to rumor of multiple affairs; as Deng reacts to allegations of assualt


Monrovia- In recent weeks, two of Liberia’s top entertainment stars have been aligned to multiple allegations by certain elements on Social Media, causing serious concerns among their fans.

Jerrison Kromah, commonly known as Angel Michael has been accused of dating multiple women and even receiving money from them for the purpose of being in serious relationship, and subsequently marriage. Screenshots of conversations have been flowing on social media for the past two weeks through gossips sites and anonymous posters, however, nobody has come forward to make a direct allegation against the comedian. Responding to these allegation during his appearance on the Strong Gbana Pekin Hit Show, Conversation With the Stars, Angel Michael told his fans that all of the rumors are untrue and have no basis. In his usual jovial but rather sarcastic tone, the comedian said, “Do I have a love store where I sell love? If the So called women who are alleging I took money from them for relationship are really serious, let them show me receipt of the love I sold to them”. The star said, oftentimes when a person acquire celebrity status, it is normal for people to develop stories about them, which is a means of attracting attention to whatever they are trying to sell or for Social Media recognition.

Speaking about his career and other issues surrounding the Liberian entertainment industry, Mr. Kromah told the host that he started his comic career in high school when he used to make his female classmates laugh with the purpose of getting recess from them. Angel Micheal said, “I used to target girls with wealthy parents; like the ones who car will pick and drop from school”. He said at first it was just for the fun of it and didn’t really think of pursuing a career in that area, but after he started to watch some Nigerian comedians like AY, Basketmouth, Okey Bakassi, I go Die, etc, he got motivated to do comedy full-time since he already had the natural talent. “Although there are challenges such as lack of support from government and other big entities, I don’t do comedy for myself, but for my country”, the comedian said. Angel Michael thanked his fans for the many supports they have accorded him and informed the host of Conversation With the Stars that he has several projects in the making, including a movie called , The Garden of Eden which features top LIB actors and actresses.

In another development, Musical Superstar Daniel George, also known as Deng, has dispelled rumors of an alleged assault against a female. The Liberian musical prodigy spoke when he appeared on the new Strong Gbana Pekin Liberian Arts and Culture Show, “Conversation With the Stars” on July 27, 2018. Not responding to questions asked about the issue literally, Deng responded in similar manner to that of Angel Michael when he said, “Gbana, people will always find ways to come at you when you have a name. For me, right now, I am not focused on negativity, but only being positive. I am focused on my music and my career, and no level of negative utterances will make me change that”. Deng went further by stating that the issue is not of any relevance to him as it has no way of making his career move forward, therefore, he is not paying attention to it.

Liberian Musical Star Daniel George a.k.a, Deng

Meanwhile, when asked about his career startup, Deng informed the audience that he actually started singing in church as his dad is a pastor. He said after high school, he started to do gigs here and there until he was discovered and today he has ascended to another level. “Looking back at my family history; a poor background, I am grateful for where I am today”, Deng said. The star highlighted lack of financial support as a big challenge to Liberia music industry and urged those with money to invest in musicians. He called on fellow and upcoming musicians to remain humble, not allowing the stardom to get to their head, and they will succeed. “I hope to reach at the level of Nigerian musicians; the level where I will be able to make Liberian music recognized internationally”.

Conversation With the Stars is a Facebook Live Program that features stars in the Liberian Entertainment Industry, giving them the platform to tell their stories and speak to their fans directly. It is hosted and executive produced by Varney Anasters Teah, commonly known as Strong Gbana Pekin and shares ownership with The Liberian Billboard, Gbana TV and the Strong Gbana Pekin Show Facebook Group.