Trump-Putin summit leaves controversy….


The Presidents of the two most powerful nations in the world, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin of the United States and Russia respectively, met today in Helsinki, Finland for a one day US-Russia summit.

The Summit was aimed at discussing US-Russia relations with specific emphasis on coordination of both countries military activities in Syria and strengthening ties between the two nations. When asked about Russia’s involvement during the 2016 elections, President Trump said that although he trusts his intelligence agencies, but President Putin was strong in his denial of Russia’s influence in the 2016 elections. This refusal by President Trump to condemn Russia of her involvement have sparked condemnation from both sides of the American political spectrum including former intelligence officials. House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Republican issued a statement and said in part, “there there is no question that Russia interfered in our elections”. He went further by saying that President Trump should consider that Russia is not an ally to the United States. Also reacting to the President’s comment were Chair of the United States Senate Committee on foreign relations Bob Coker and former CIA Director John Brennan. All major United States intelligence agencies confirmed that Russia interfered in the US 2016 elections.

President Trump is on his way back to the United States to confront home issues beginning with the current immigration crisis in the country. A United States Federal judge today paused the deportation of reunited families who have being detained from crossing the border, to give lawyers time to debate whether he should extent the time permanently.