Breaking News…. Liberian Female Artist, Sweetz Musulyn Myers opens up about music career and relationship with the late Quincy B


Liberian female musical icon, Sweetz Musulyn Myers has opened up about her career and relationship with the late star, Quincy B.

Sweetz who was the first guest on the newly launched Facebook Live Show called Conversation With the Stars, said she started her interest in music as far back as four years old. She said growing up in the United States was a great help as her mom who recognized her talent early, put her in after school music programs. Sweetz said she really started her career after she and her mom relocated to Liberia and she subsequently auditioned for the MTN Project fame. According to Sweetz, her participation in MTN project fame helped enhanced her career to a large extent, especially in the area of vocals. When asked about the challenges she has encountered in the Liberian Music Industry, Ms. Myers told her host Strong Gbana Pekin that being a woman by itself is a challenge in the Entertainment industry in Liberia. She said, most Liberian men have that mentality that a female artist is easy to be lured into an affair with men.

Speaking about her relationship with the late musical star Quincy B, Sweetz told Conversation With the Stars that she and QB had a very strong bond that was not only about the music. She said they shared a deep connection and respected each other very much. Sweetz told the host that music also played an important part in their bond as they loved working with each other. However, she stopped short of confirming or deny a romantic relationship with the late Quincy B when asked. In the meantime, Sweetz highlighted inadequate financing as the real problem that is halting the growth of the Liberian Entertainment Industry, especially Liberian Music. Ms. Myers said, Liberians with money are not willing to invest in musicians but also added that even Liberians who enjoy Liberian music don’t really support in terms of song and album purchases. Sweetz said, this is why some Liberian artist are even singing like Nigerian and Ghanaians for the purpose of having a market for their songs.

In her parting statements, Sweetz cautioned upcoming Musical stars and those with interest in Music to have passion for the art and be disciplined and hardworking. She said Music is a lot of work and requires time and effort. Ms. Myers said that many musicians fail because they lack discipline and the work ethic that are required to succeed. She praised her record label (ALM Records) for the level of professionalism they have taught her and pointed out a very good working relationship with her managerial team. Although she was jokingly sarcastic, she said her manager Lewiz McCarthy treats her like a grandchild and she therefore calls him grandpa. Sweetz said she has many projects in the making but will be dropping a single soon. She performs in Minnesota tonight and told her followers that she will use the whole weekend to celebrate her birthday which was on Thursday, July 19.

Happy belated birthday from all of us at The Liberian Billboard Sweetz!!!!!!