Breaking Fries….. Deputy Commissioner of Police allegedly orders flogging of Junior Officer for loving to his girlfriend


Hot Fries reaching our desk says, Deputy Police Commissioner for Public Safety of the Liberian National Police, John Saah recently ordered the flogging of a Junior Officer because said officer was believed to be having an extra-marital affair with his (Commissioner John Saah) fiancee.

According to our Gossip and Fries correspondent in Monrovia, Inspector Mark Kardamie was flogged mercilessly by members of the Major Crimes Unit of the Liberia National Police. The name of the lady in question has not been released, however, further investigation revealed that Commissioner Saah has been charged and forwarded to court for the act committed against Inspector Kardamie. Charged along with Deputy Commissioner Saah, are Superintendents Kais Sampson, Chris Doe and Rodney Macualey all of the Major Crimes Unit of the Liberia National Police.

In the meantime, it is being reported that Commissioner Saah has refused to heed to the court order to appear before it. In a letter addressed to the Inspector General of the LNP Patrick Sudue, Magistrate Eric Cooper cited the Deputy Commissioner refusal to appear in court after being charged with Aggravated Assault. There are no reports on any action taken by IG Sudue as it relates to the court’s communication, however, The Liberian Billboard is making tremendous efforts to speak with the IG on the matter and other issues.

We will keep you posted on additional developments.