Vice President Howard-Taylor Proposes Dialogue With June 7 Protesters, As Minister McGill Threatens Opposition Leaders


Monrovia, Liberia- The Vice President of the Republic of Liberia Jewel Howard-Taylor has called for a dialogue between the Government of Liberia and leaders of the planned June 7 protest.

The Vice President speaking after the 5th Anniversary celebration of Children Dialogue said, dialogue will be the best option in understanding the challenges of the country and getting a better insight into the protesters grievances.

She said, Liberians need to be careful how they find solutions to the country’s problem as the wrong move would trigger chaos.

A group named and styled the Council of Patriots which consists of mostly opposition politicians and include political activists such as Abe Darius Dillion and Henry Costa has announced a peaceful protest in Monrovia slated for June 7, 2019.

Meanwhile, the announcement of the protest date has not gone down all well with members of the ruling CDC, some of whom are senior government officials.

Minister of State, Nathaniel McGill over the weekend told journalists that opposition leaders are behind the planned June 7 protest but threatened that the government will hold them responsible if anything out of the ordinary happens.

Minister of State, Mr. Nathaniel McGill

He said, government will provide all necessary resources for the protesters to state their grievances, but will not tolerate any act that will undermine the country’s peace and stability.

McGill speaking further said, the CDC-led government is not afraid of protest , reminding the public that the current government was elected by majority of Liberians.

“President Weah will remain in power for twelve years,” Minister McGill said.

In the meantime, the Liberian Minister of State acknowledged challenges being faced by Liberians and said that the government is making desperate efforts in addressing them, and asked for Liberians to maintain some form of patience.


  1. I am completely surprised to hear Hon. McGill saying President Weah will stay in power for 12 years. President Weah has not even completed his first six years in office yet. This statement clearly indicates that things might not go well. No dictatorship form of government will be imposed on the Liberian people. Hon. McGill, focus your attention on the first six years before talking about 12 years. Liberia is not anybody’s property or farm. Liberia belongs to the Liberian people. They will decide through the ballot box if President Weah will rule for 12 years.


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