Senator Conmany Wesseh Walked Out of Tuesday’s Session Due To Lack of Quorum


Monrovia, Liberia- Rivergee Senator, Conmany Wesseh on Tuesday walked out of the regular session of the Liberian Senate over lack of quorum to conduct session.

According to reports, Senator Wesseh alongside Senators Sando Johnson and Daniel Naatehn argued against legislative sitting that does not meets a quorum from the body.

Reporters who were at Tuesday’s sessions says, the three Senators were seen displaying the Senate’s rule number 7 which states that in order to hold a session, the body must reach half of the the total number of Senators.

However, the Presiding Officer of Tuesday’s Session, Senator Dan Morias informed the body that seven Senators sent in excuses but the Senate roll call listing identified 12 Senators being absent without reason.

Senator Wesseh in protest, staged a walkout, telling reporters that the Senate which is considered ‘The House of Elders’ has now turned into a place of lawlessness, while stating that the intervention of the Liberian people is needed through prayer.


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