Report: CDCians Becoming Disappointed With Partisans In Top Gov’t Positions, As Media Response And Defense Team Risks Falling Apart


Monrovia, Liberia: CDCians are becoming disappointed with partisans in top governmental positions, with some threatening to leave the party if nothing is done to address their concerns.

According to reports, and many partisans who spoke with The Liberian Billboard and asked not to be named, partisans who were appointed to either senior or junior level positions in government have started to behave like elites, ignoring calls and texts of fellow partisans and limiting access the of other partisans to them.

“When you call them, they don’t pick your calls, or when you even see them in the street, they pretend like you don’t exist. They only associate with partisans like themselves who are in positions in government,” a staunch CDCian told The Liberian Billboard.

Meanwhile, the media defense and response team of the CDC has vowed not to defend the party and the President if monthly stipends promised them are not made available.

The team according to insiders, have made several attempts to reach senior party officials now turned senior government officials, but to no avail.

“We have made contact with Minister Tweah, Mayor Koijee, Minister McGill and many others but to no avail. We can’t keep defending the government while our kids and families are hungry. We started this thing twelve years ago, and while we should keep doing it without benefit while others enjoy? We can’t do it anymore,” a member of the team said.

Other CDCians who once had close association with President Weah told our investigative desk that many of them are being prevented from seeing President Weah by Madam Finda Bundoo, protocol officer to President Weah.

Many CDCians said that although the Presidency comes with a lot of securities precautions, however, keeping the President away from long term, committed and dedicated partisans has the propensity and changing the mindset of CDCians toward him, which if already not happening.


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