Firestone Lays Off First Group of Workers, As Economy Continues to Shrink


Monrovia, Liberia- In keeping with its redundancy plan which would affect 13% of it workforce, Firestone Liberia has begun the laying off of its first group of workers.

In communications written to the affected workers, most of whom are from the 17th, 42nd and 43rd divisions, the management of Firestone attributed the layoff to the current economic challenges facing the country and which has affected the company.

“Due to the redundancy of your position, management informs you that effective of April 14, 2019, your employment with the company shall come to an end,” the letter read.

The first group of 279 affected employees will receive full compensation in accordance with the Decent Work Act of the Republic of Liberia.  This include, salary for the numbers of days worked in April, one month’s salary for the month of May 2019, one-month salary for each completed year of service, and any accumulated or outstanding vacation days.

The company has informed all employees to turn in properties of the company in their possessions to their department heads within 15 days of their termination while contacting their departments for their redundancy compensations.

Firestone management has also provided US$150 to each employee for transportation and US$75 to each child of school going age.

Many employee of the company expressed their disappointment at the company’s decision and urged the government to do something about the Liberian economy.

“This is an absolute disappointment and we don’t even know where we are going to start from after here,” an employee of the entity said.


  1. This is where the government needs to focus her attention instead of creating chaos and confusion. Our citizens have lost their jobs with nowhere to go. Rep. Thomas Fallah this is where you need to play a vital role. Majority of Firestone employees (laborers) are from the Kissi and Kpelle ethic groups of which Rep. Thomas Fallah is a member. So country people can rule Liberia peacefully? There was never infighting among the Congo People when they were in power. But since 1980 when the Country People took over there has been too much confusion and witch hunting. Both Rep. Yekeh Kolubah and Thomas Fallah are country people.What is going on my people? Why your can embrace one another and make peace?


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