Cllr. Arthur Johnson Part Ways With Liberia’s Embattled IMO Representative Atty. Isaac Jackson In Tenure Case


Monrovia, Liberia- Barely 48hrs after publicly criticizing the Weah-led government failure to issue his family diplomatic passports, the lawyer representing Liberia Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization Atty. Isaac Jackson has ended his legal representation for him in the ongoing tenure case at the Supreme Court.

Cllr. Johnson in a communication notifying Atty Jackson said, his decision to stop representing him emanates from the his recent utterances in the media. 

Atty. Isaac Jackson, Liberia’s embattled IMO Representative

“The fact of your media appearances both in electronic and print preempting and predicting the ruling of the Supreme Court and at the same time calling the High Court Chief Justice, Francis Korkpor and Supreme Court into public ridicule. As you are aware of this publication made by you in the Front Page Newspaper , Vol. 13, NO.071, Monday, April 22, 2019 with the story “Liberia IMO REP Vents Anger at Supreme Court Chief Justice Francis Korkpor ‘MY BLOOD WILL BE ON HIS HANDS’ “, it undermines the integrity and dignity of the Highest Court and places it into disrepute,” Cllr. Johnson said in the communication.

Writing further, Cllr. Johnson said Atty. Jackson’s action undermines the case and his utterance is gross disrespect to the Chief Justice in particular and the Supreme Court in general. He said, continuous representation of Atty. Jackson will paint a picture of support of his actions.

Cllr. Johnson told Jackson that he is not a politician, but a lawyer, and as a member of the Honorable Supreme Court, he cannot support any action that undermines the ‘dignity, credibility and integrity’ of the Honorable Supreme Court and all its Justices.

Responding to Cllr. Johnson’s communication, Atty. Jackson thanked him for his representation but also expressed sadness over his withdrawal from the case.

Said Jackson:  “I can appreciate the extraordinary pressure of the Government since we launched the challenge, and the pressure of the Court since I broke my long silence on Monday, April 22, 2019. Let me assure you that I fully appreciate your courage, but at this time, the pain imposed on me and my kids under years old is intolerable! And as a pro-democracy advocate, I am allergic to any form of injustice. Hence, I believe that the essence of democracy is to allow suffering to speak. I refuse to suffer in silence, and as such, I am casket-ready to defend my rights in the public domain. My training is to speak out against wrong in society.”

Jackson said that the court in these modern times are not beyond criticism and that he won’t standby idly while his rights are being abused.

On Monday the judiciary branch frowned against the increasing wave of media attacks on the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of Liberia as well as Judges of subordinate courts, which they said if not checked could put the lives and safety of these judicial officials and their family members in great danger.


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