Breaking News: DEA Destroys Over L$120 Billion Worth of Narcotic Substances


Monrovia, Liberia- The Drug Enforcemnet Agency of the Republic of Liberia (LDEA), moments ago, destroyed over L$120 billion worth of narcotic substances on the Roberts International Airport Highway.

According to LDEA Public Relations Manager Michael Jipply, the illegal drugs is equivalent to US$768 million dollars and include heroin, cocaine and marijuana.

The drugs were destroyed in the presence of international partners and state security officers including the Liberia National Police, the National Security Agency and the Armed Forces of Liberia.

According to the LDEA PR Manager, the destruction of the drugs was sanctioned by the court to avoid the agency being in possession of the large quantity of dangerous substances.

Jipply said, the huge drugs consignment was seized from dealers across the country between June 2018 to March 2019.


  1. This is a most IMPROBABLE story!!! The numbers do NOT add up for a 9-month time frame or an even longer one. LD$120BN = US$768MM. What is Liberia’s annual GDP? More importantly, why would such quantity & value be found in Liberia – a country with a very high rate of poverty and illiteracy?

    Due to the extremely high levels of corruption and greed in Liberia, such commodity would undoubtedly result in under-reported confiscation values; therefore, the quantity/value reported may only represent a percentage of what may have really been confiscated! Hence, one could deduce that the actual quantity/value of drugs confiscated may have been even more. This argument can be taken further to conclude that the overall quantity/value of drugs flowing through the country must be far greater! What is the percentage breakdown between domestic consumption and transit? In addition to the dangers of drugs in the society, there has to be some vast level of money laundering! What is really happening in this small country of ours?

    The story of Liberia trends downwards daily. Don’t contribute to this trend. This reportage begs the FACTS. Please DO your homework. Your readers deserve the TRUTH!


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