Sources: Mandingo Community Reportedly Unsatisfied With President Weah’s Political Actions


Monrovia, Liberia- Several sources closed to the Mandingo Community in Liberia are informing The Liberian Billboard that influential members of the tribe are not satisfied with President Weah and the CDC-led government’s political actions which they say, are intended to degrade the tribe’s morale.

According to our sources who asked not to be named on condition on anonymity, the arrest of Charles Sirleaf, the impeachment trial of Justice Kabineh Ja’neh, and the recent appointment of a Ousmane Jalloh, a Fula, as Religious Advisor to the President on Islamic Affairs are issues that have the Mandingo Community angry with president Weah.

Our sources say, although they have not reached the point to publicly voice their dissent, but top elders and influential religious leaders of the tribe have been holding closed door discussions to see how they will respond to the President’s and the government actions.

“They were being careful about the Ja’neh’s impeachment trial, but after Sirleaf’s arrest, and the appointment of Jalloh as Religious Advisor on Islamic Affairs, they saw that as a complete slap in the face. As I am speaking, they are really angry, and I think the President and CDC might lose significant support with the Mandingoes if they are not careful,” a source said.

Commenting further, a source informed our news desk that President Weah and the CDC hold a huge support among Mandingoes; especially in the Montserrado area, and losing their support will only create an alignment from Muslim of other tribes who most of them have similar Islamic practice and beliefs as Mandingoes.

This is a developing story. It will be updated as more information come in.


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