Senate Divided Over Dual Citizenship Bill


Monrovia, Liberia- Like many countries, Liberia has many of her citizens living in other countries of the world. They have built their lives and families in those countries, with some calling them their adopted homes. However, these Liberians, many of whom left the country for economic reasons, still feel obligated to Liberia and don’t want to erase their identity, therefore they have made calls for dual citizenship to be passed as a law.

President Weah, during his 2019 State of the Nation Address, called on the Liberian Legislature to pass a bill granting dual citizenship.

In response to the President’s request, the Liberian Senate on Tuesday, introduced the bill on the Senate’s floor, however, the Senate was a scene of heated debate over the proposal.

One group of Senators said, granting dual citizenship would boost the Liberian economy to a great extent, and create additional avenue for an open market competition.

Another group of Senators, challenged the bill, with Maryland County Senator Gbleh-bo Brown stating that the bill is not in the interest of the country as passgae of the bill will create social disharmony. Buttressing Senator Brown’s statement, Rivercess County Senator, Francis Paye said, he will vote against the bill, noting that Liberians must take responsibility in building their own country.

However, Senator Henry Yallah Of Bong County expressed his support for the bill and argued in favor of it.

Meanwhile, Senate Protempt, Albert Chie tabled the matter for further deliberations during the Senate’s next sitting.


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