Opposition Political Parties Calls For Samuel Tweah Arrest


The four collaborating opposition political parties of Unity Party, Liberty Party, Alternative National Congress and All Liberia Party are demanding the immediate arrest of Finance Minister, Samuel Tweah, and Central bank Governor, Nathaniel Patray.

In a statement issued in Monrovia on Wednesday, the parties also want ranking members of the Technical and Economic Management Team arrested.

According to the collaborating parties, their demand is in relation to the findings from investigations which points to the conspicuous and criminal way Minister Tweah and Governor Patray, as Chair and Co-Chair of the TEMT respectively, carried out the US$25 million mop-up exercise.

The statement further identified the reports as being unambiguous about the roles played by the current CBL administration, which the reports said, did not fully cooperate with Kroll-Associates, Inc. and the Government-commissioned PIT.

Reading the statement on behalf of the collaborating parties, the Chairman of ALP, Theodore Momo said, the past and current governments of Liberia are both culpable of missteps that surrounds the printing of the banknotes in question. The statement said, the government of President George Weah is responsible and liable for the US$25 million as clearly stated in the report.

The parties said, it was a gross misrepresetation, and a deliberate attempt to undermine justice and propound misinformation to the Liberian people, when President Weah upon his return from Israel, stated that his government has been cvindicated by PIT and Kroll, Inc. They labeled the President’s statement as unfortunate when it is clear that a current Deputy Governor and other Executives of the Central bank are being prosecuted for misuse of public funds and economic sabotage.

Meanwhile, the collaborating opposition political parties told reporters, President Weah Weah’s comments exposes his intention to protect key cronies and confidants of his political party who themselves have been indicted in the reports.


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