Breaking News: Weah’s Special Aide Posts Fake Picture About Lofa Road Construction, Issues Apology Later


Monrovia, Liberia: Social Media was plagued with dramas between partisans and officials of the ruling Coalition for Demorcratic Change and the opposition on Wednesday when Special Aide to President George Weah, Sekou Kalasco Damaro posted a picture about construction works on the Lofa Highway which was later found to be fake.

In Mr. Damaro’s post, he highlighted the government’s priority of constructing roads, while stating its commitments to alleviating challenges bad roads have caused for Liberians. Several CDCians and officials of the current administration either shared Kalasoc’s post, or posted the same picture boasting about the government’s road achievements.

The Facebook Post made by Mr. Sekou Kalasco Damaro

Minutes after Damaro’s post, it was discovered that the picture he posted on Facebook was a 2012 picture from an African Development Bank funded road project in the Kivu province of DR Congo.

Several members of the Liberian opposition quickly condemned the action of Damaro and other CDCians, citing it as an embarrassment to the Liberian presidency and an affront to the people of Liberia.

The story where the picture was cued from

After Damaro noticed that it was discovered that the picture he posted claiming to be Lofa road was fake, he took to Social Media and apologized, assuring the public that the real picture will be posted subsequently.

Mr. Damaro’s apology seen above

Damaro’s action, brings to two, the number of government officials that have publicly lied or misled the public in less than a week.

Last week, Madam Emma Glassco, the Director of the National Fisheries and Acquaculture Authority, upon her return from the United States, informed the public that she has secured a US$21 million World Bank support for a Fisheries Project in Liberia, something the bank denied earlier this week.

“This government is all about lies and deceptions. This is what we have been saying all along and they keep proving themselves. The Liberian people need to take note,” an opposition Unity Party partisan wrote on Facebook.

Meanwhile, partisans of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change have come in defense of Mr. Damaro’s action, citing it as a honest mistake and oversight. Few partisans who spoke to The Liberian Billboard about the issue said, Kalasco, as Mr. Damaro is commonly called, has always reported accurately about the President’s and government Activites, and should not be judged based on one and “simple” error.

“We all have have seen Kalasco reportage on Social Media. He has covered many events accurately, and has gone live many times to bring the actual happenings. The opposition always look for the most irrelevant and small things to dwell upon. This is nothing,” a CDCian told The Liberian Billboard.


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