Another Attack On The Free Press; As Joy FM Becomes Latest Victim


Monrovia, Liberia: As freedom of the press continues to be a luxury under the Weah regime, aggression against media instituions keep springing up; with Joy Fm being the latest victim.

According to the station’s Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, Emmanuel Dahn, while the station was broadcasting its regular late night show, the station was attacked by strange men.

“The unknown men came and since they had no way of entering the building, I don’t know what their plans were but they never had access to the building because we have iron gates all over, so they just went to our tower and cut the cable that runs from the antenna on the tower to the transmitter,” Dahn told Frontpage Africa.

The cable which led to the stations’s transmitter that was cut is shown in the picture above

Speaking further, Dahn said the extent of the damage in not yet clear, however, he expects the station to be closed for a long period because the cutting of the cable sent shock to the station’s transmitter.

“It was not a criminal who came to look for cables, because they didn’t take the cable away after cutting it. The intention was to damage the institution,” he said.

Like Henry Costa’s Roots FM, Joy FM has been critical of the Weah administration, however, the station’s Chief Executive Officer refused to put the blame on anyone, stating that he has informed the Liberia National Police about the incident. He said, the attack against his station is a sign that he and his employees are not safe and might be the next target of these attacks.

Joy FM facilities and antenna is seen in the picture above..

Dahn called on President Weah to protect media institutions and journalists, stating that the media should not be considered enemies because of their reportage.

“Let people stop seeing the media as an enemy of the state, because we will not remain silent on issues that affect our society, no! If we should be silent then it’s better we close down our radio stations and go down Waterside and do other business,” Dahn concluded.


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