Police Arrests And Charge Nine Persons For Allegedly Beating And Torturing Two Liberian Women


Monrovia, Liberia: Reports from Sinoe County say, the Liberia National Police has arrested and charged nine persons with multiple offenses for allegedly beating and torturing two young Liberian women, leading to the death of one of the women.

In a viral video circulating social media, the two women were seen stripped naked and made to parade the streets of Mumoposh, a town in electoral district two in Sinoe County.

The two women, according to reports, confessed to the killing of babies of several other women in the area, a confession which turned public opinion against them, and subsequently led to to their torture.

Speaking to reporters in Monrovia on Monday, Assistant Minister for Litigation Wesseh A. Wesseh said, all nine arrested individuals were charged with murder, criminal conspiracy, criminal attempt to commit murder and criminal facilitation. Counselor Wesseh said, the nine suspects have been indicted by a grand jury of the 3rd Circuit Court in Sinoe County.

According to multiple sources, the male abusers of the women used sharp objects to penetrate the womb of one of the victims who refused to confess to the allegations made against her. The woman reportedly died after the ordeal.


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