Breaking News: Unknown Men Vandalize Roots FM; Takes Away Transmitter and Several Equipments


Monrovia, Liberia- Roots FM, the radio station owned by renowned Liberian Political Commentator, Henry Costa, was on Sunday, vandalized by unknown men according to reports.

In an interview with the Liberian Billboard via mobile phone, Fidel Saydee, the station manager of Roots FM said, strange men jumped over the fence which housed a Lonestar Cell MTN Tower and Roots FM Transmitter plus other equipments , overpowered the security guard, and vandalized the Roots FM side of the building.

“The Security guard told me that the men were armed, and threatened to harm him if he resisted. They held him at gunpoint, burst the building open, and took away our transmitters and all our technical equipments,” Mr. Saydee said.

Scene from the vandalized Roots FM building

The Roots FM Station Manager also told The Liberian Billboard that a source told him that prior to the incident, a local spot where staffs on the station usually sit to listen to music was ordered close under the instruction of individuals from the Monrovia City Corporation.

“Another fascinating thing is that, we did not inform the Police about the incident, neither did the security inform them as he did not have a phone, but was surprised that 102 of the Liberian National Police arrived on the scene right after the incident and said that he had received a call that our station had been attacked. Who called him, is yet to be made known,” Mr. Saydee added.

The entrance of the vandalized Roots FM building…

The latest attack on Roots FM is the second in less than two weeks. Earlier, the station was attacked but the attackers could not enter the facility and succeeded in cutting the cable which led from the transmitter room to the main studio.

There have been no official word from Mr. Costa on the incident, however, Mr. Saydee informed us that he will address the situation soon.

The Liberian Billboard emphathizes with Roots FM as an attack on any media institution is an attack on free press in general.