Breaking News: President Weah’s Kings FM and Clar TV Staff Protest Against Low And Non-Existent Wages


Monrovia, Liberia: Employees and staff of President Weah’s Royal Communications Incorporated, the parent company of Kings FM, Clar TV (named after the President’s wife), and City FM are currently protesting in Monrovia against low wages.

Employees of the entities are seen with placards displaying LD$1,500 as salary being paid to employees of the entities.

Many employees who spoke to journalists at the scene, complained that they don’t receive the LD$1,500 on a regular basis, and alleged that Assistant Minister of State, Emmanuel Potter who President Weah has tasked with oversight responsibility of the entities, has been squandering revenues intended for them.

The acting Manager of Royal Communications Inc., Martin Tweh, refused to speak to journalists on the issue.

This is a developing story as the protest is still ongoing. We will bring you more details as information comes in.