Breaking News: Leaked Audio Recording Reveals Scary Plot By Top Officials Of Government Against VP Howard-Taylor


Monrovia, Liberia: A leaked audio recording featuring what is believed to be the voice of Madam Esther Walker, Superintendent of Bong County, has revealed a scary plot by top officials and close confidants of President George Weah against Vice President Jewel-Howard Taylor.

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In the recording, Madam Walker explained in detail, threats made against Vice President Howard-Taylor by Minister of State, Nathaniel McGill, Finance Minister, Samuel Tweah, and Mayor of Monrovia, Jefferson Koigee.

Madam Walker in the leaked audio while explaining to an unknown individual said, the threats by the top officials of the CDC-led government was made over a traditional title bestowed upon Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor by traditional leaders in Bong County.

The “Darkpanah” traditional title is the highest traditional title that exists in Liberia, and it is usually bestowed upon Presidents, according to report.

“So your Darkpanah took the title that should be given to the President and gave it to the Vice President? Marvin Cole and the Vice President want to overthrown our government? We will revenge,” Madam Walker claimed Minister McGill said.

Explaining further, Madam Walker said, Minister Tweah reemphasized the issue of revenge, and added that if the CDC-led governments were like some past governments, the Vice President and all those involved in the act of bestowing the traditional title on the Vice President would have been executed.

“McGill say don’t talk about excecution. We are moving everybody,” the Bong County superintendent added.

Superintendent Walker said, both Ministers Tweah and McGill labeled Vice President Howard-Taylor as wicked, alluding her rift with embattled NPP Chairman James Biney as an example. She also revealed that both Ministers warned that Rep. Marvin Cole will never see President Weah since infact he was a part of the ceremony.

In more assertions, Superintendent Walker said, the head of the traditional council of Liberia when asked, denied having knowledge of the ceremony and bestowing of the special traditional title on the Vice President.