Senators Accuse Pres. Weah Of Constitutional Violations


Monrovia, Liberia- Some Senators of the Liberian legislature on Tuesday, accused President George Weah of violating the Liberian constitution.

The group of Senators accusations come in the wake of a communication sent to the Senate by President Weah as it relates to the controversy surrounding the appointment of Ambassador George Patten, as Liberia’s ambassador to the United States.

Many Senators expressed anger over the decision by President Weah to send a communication to the Senate on the appointment of Mr. Patten as Liberia’s Ambassador to the United States.

President Weah sent a Letter of Appointment instead of a nomination letter to the Senate, an action that enraged many Senators.

Senator Jonathan Kaipay of Grand Basra County after the reading to the letter, forwarded a motion requesting that the communication be sent to the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee for appropriate advice on the issue.

However, some Senators called for an amendment to Senator Kaipay’s motion, pointing out, that her communication should be sent back to the President and notify him of his constitutional error.

The amendment request by the Senators was denied, thereby igniting serious disturbances on the Senate’s floor.


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