Sen. Milton Teahjay: “Government is right to suspend Student Politics at UL”


Monrovia, Liberia- Sinoe County Senator, Milton Teahjay says, the Government of Liberia through the Administration of the University of Liberia, is right to suspend student politics at the institution.

Speaking to reporters in Monrovia on Monday, Senator Teahjay said, if students are moving towards causing chaos, it is the responsibility of the President to put a halt to it.

“The students need to be protected; they are our children. If the president believes that things are going out of hand and he doesn’t want confusion, he can suspend politics there and put a group of prominent people including myself together to help him work the issue out.

“I think it is good governance because the President does not want anybody to get hurt on that campus. We have seen it here before. It is a form of protecting their rights. I support the suspension at this level, but if it were to go beyond an unappreciable period, I will disagree with it,” Senator Teahjay said.

Meanwhile, the Sinoe County Senator statement was immediately criticized by students of the University of Liberia. Some partisans of SUP, the leading student political party at the UL who spoke to The Liberian Billboard said, Senator Teahjay is trying to gain favor from President Weah, by making such a statement.

“The midterm election is next year. Teahjay knows Sinoe is Weah country, therefore he will need the President’s support to retain his seat. He have to play his political cards with the President and subsquently, the CDC. So that’s the reason of his statement. We are not taking a wayward politician serious. Teahjay does not stand for anything. One minute, he is with CDC, another minute he is with Unity Party, and CDC again. Is that a man statement to give credibility?” An official of SUP said.

In the meantime, Students politics remain suspended at the University of Liberia, with no end in sight. According to sources within the Student Unification Party, they are planning appropriate action to address the situation, although they didn’t state what action they are planning.


  1. It is traditional, customary to begin to consider people in college as men and women, albeit young. It is a time of transition to full responsibility and leadership. If not now, when? Is the university not “a microcosm of society”, as is often repeated? Truly it is! This is a classic example of throwing the precious baby of student politics out with whatever undesirable bathwater there is. Surely removing youth politics is too drastic a step. On the contrary, the problem could be exacerbated…


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