CDC-Led Government Completes Only 5 out of 87 projects, says NAYMOTE President Meter Project


Monrovia, Liberia- The NAYMOTE President Meter Project on Wednesday, released its one year report which indicates that President George Weah has completed just 5 out of 87 projects.

The President Meter Proeject is an independent monitoring tool by NAYMOTE partners which focuses on promises contained in the CDC’s manifesto during the elections of 2017. It also include Presidential Priority projects, campaign speeches, and political statements made since President Weah’s inauguration.

Eddie Jarwolo, head of NAYMOTE while reading the report on Wednesday said, NAYMOTE documented and rated 87 promises; noting that 65 promises came from the CDC 2017 manifesto, and 22 promises are from the campaign speeches, and policy statements.

According to NAYMOTE’s report, the 5 projects completed include payment of WAEC Fees for all students, renovation of John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, Passage of the Land Rights Act and reduction of salaries for public officials, as well as the pavement of Doe Community Road.

The NAYMOTE boss further stated that 33 projects are currently ongoing, while the remaining 49 are yet to start.

In the meantime, Mr. Jarwolo has called on the government to step up pressure on the United States Aid for International Development (USAID), to urgently and swiftly release the report on the missing L$16 billion banknotes before the end of February.

Mr. Jarwolo said, procrastination in releasing the report will create further doubts, as there is no need for delay as it is long overdue.


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