Samuel Tweah says, CDC will Stay In Power Forever; As Opposition Calls Statement Childish


Monrovia, Liberia- Liberia’s Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel Tweah, has predicted a never ending CDC-led government rule.

Speaking Wednesday during the launch of a US$3 million small business loan scheme, Minister Tweah said, President Weah from his days as a youth, was destined for success, pointing out, that individuals attempting to fight his success will be repelled.

Said Minister Tweah: “Let those critics and misguided elements out there be wasting time their time. You can’t fight success; no way. This man was born to make history; he made history in football, he will make history in politics.

“Whether you write fake news on Frontpage Africa, or you go on some kind of show lying, the man who earned money, over US$80 million, and whose son is a millionaire, the man who made a lot of money, to say he can’t build house because he is President, that’s a black evil lie, and you will be repelled.”

The Liberian Finance Minister told the audience at the occasion that Liberians should expect more successes under President Weah’s administration, and that the project that have started is not a one term project.

“They will see more successes coming under this President. This is not a six years project. This is not a twelve years project. This is not a twenty fours years project. We will change this country and the CDC will stay in power forever,” Minister Tweah added.

Minister Tweah’s statement, while heavily applauded by members of the ruling CDC, was met with immediate criticisms from critics of the government, and members of the opposition.

Some members of the Liberian opposition told The Liberian Billboard that Minister Tweah statement was reckless, irresponsible and childish.

“Minister Tweah will be part of the reason while President Weah fails. A Minister of Finance and Development Planning going at an official government function and making that kind of reckless political statement is way below the belt. All Tweah does all day is to lead praise singing for President Weah. He knows how to mesmerize the President’s ego,” an opposition politician told our reporter.

In interviews with several opposition politicians, they said Minister Tweah’s statement in the presence of President Weah is an attack on democracy, and have an undertone of dictatorship.

On the other hand, supporters of government and partisans of the CDC praised Minister Tweah, calling him an astute individual who supports the President’s vision for Proseprity and Development.

“I hear the opposition complaining about Tweah’s statement; it is all just noise. Tweah is a CDCian, and the government is the CDC-led government, therefore, he is not wrong to align party politics with the progress the government is making. These people are just causing noise because we are moving forward and making tremendous progress,” a CDC stalwart said.


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