Rodney Sieh: “NSA And Finance Are The Most Corrupt Entities Of Government”


Monrovia, Liberia- The Managing Editor of the Frontpage Newspaper, Mr. Rodney Sieh has said, the National Security Agency and the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Development are the most corrupt entities of the present Liberian government.

Speaking on the OK FM Afternoon Conversation on Tuesday, Mr. Sieh who has been accused by officials of the current administration as a blackmailer said, the current NSA budget of over US$9 million is almost depleted, with several bogus payments made.

Mr. Sieh further said, the exemption of the NSA from external audit, makes it possible for officials of government to covertly take money from the agency’s budget without any explanation.

“The NSA is the most corrupt agency in Liberia. That’s where they put all the money from the budget. The last year, have you heard anything major that needed special operations? Is there a civil war?

“Even in the great United States, the CIA is audited. Although the CIA will not say in detail what they spent it on, but they will give an overhead explanation. The reason the NSA is corrupt, is because they feel they don’t have to explain how they spend their money. That’s why they put money there,” Mr. Sieh said.

The Frontpage Managing Auditor meanwhile identified a payment of US$890,000 which was approved by the Ministry of Finance to be paid to contractors renovating the Executive Mansion, but the cheque containing the amount was made in the name of a high ranking government official. He said he is looking for a solid evidence before releasing the individual’s name to the public.

Meanwhile, responding to Minister of State, Mr. Nathaniel McGill threat of a court action against him, Mr. Sieh said, he is prepared to go to court and prove that a payment of US$182,000 was made to a non-existent company.

On the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Sieh told the listening audience that the Ministry usually pay debts based on kickbacks rather than priorities. 

“The Ministry of Finance is very corrupt. Do you really believe the Ministry will pay that money to somebody after 25 years for free? I dare anybody who was owed by Finance, got their cheque and say they didn’t drop something. They need to stop playing games with the Liberian people mehn,” Mr. Sieh added.

Responding to questions of threats , the veteran Liberian journalist said, he receives threats on a daily basis. Journalist Sieh said that he has been threatened by Montserrado County District 8 Lawmaker, Hon. Acarous Gray, and many other partisans of the CDC.

In the meantime, Deputy Information Minister, Mr. Eugene Fahngon was thrown out of the studios of OK FM on Tuesday after he attempted interrupting the appearance of Mr. Rodney Sieh on the station.

Mr. Sieh, in an angry responded to Mr. Faghnfon’s action: “These are some of the threats I am talking about. They were here yesterday and I didn’t bother them. Now I have come to appear, they are interrupting and harassing me.”

Many supporters of the government and partisans of the CDC who called the show accused Mr. Sieh of being a blackmailer and a dishonest journalist. They said, the Frontpage Managing Editor usually report to destroy the integrity of people who are not able to meet his financial demands, and made reference to a lawsuit brought against him by former Agriculture Minister, Chris Toe during the Unity Party regime.

“Rodney shouldn’t be taken serious. This is a man who was sued, and convicted of defamation. People had to be begging for him around here. Is this the man to take serious? He can’t be taken serious” a caller said.

Mr. Sieh in concluding statements cautioned President Weah to be careful of sycophancy and praise singing which he said, might lead to a bad end.

“President Weah has to be very careful. The way this country is going, this sycophancy, this praise-singing, if he continue this route, he will damage himself. We need to be careful in this country. We need to stop worshipping people and focus on the country. The country comes first. All these things I am doing, all these vouchers that I have, I don’t want to destroy anybody.

“Read my lips, I will never ever stop. I will fight with every blood in my body; with every vein in my body, I will fight. This thing will stop,” Mr. Sieh concluded.


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