Lonestar Cell-MTN To Sponsor 2018 Liberia Music Awards


Monrovia, Liberia- The 2018 edition of the Liberia Music Awards has received a great boost, with Liberia’s premier GSM Company, Lonestar Cell-MTN taking the reigns of sponsorship.

The LMA which was previously held in the United States, is to be held in Liberia this year and aims to give local Liberian musicians, international exposure and recognition.

According to a joint LMA-Lonestar Cell MTN release, Lonestar Cell sponsorship of the award’s 2018 edition is intended to continue their support to the Liberian Entertainment Industry, something they have done over the years by investing over a million United States Dollars in the sector. Lonestar Cell-MTN investments in the Liberian Entertainment Industry according to the release, has affected all levels of Liberian Music; from endorsements deals with artist, shows promotions, events and concert sponsorship, as well as being the first GSM Company in Liberia to introduce the purchase of ring back tones as a means of aiding local artists generate additional income from their crafts.

In the meantime, Lonestar Cell-MTN through its Chief Marketing Officer, Yaw Ankoma Agyapong said, the company believes in youth empowerment and that its support to the Liberian Music Industry  is for the purpose of aiding the Liberian economy by pushing the Liberian Music Industry to serve as an engine of growth. The Lonestar Cell-MTN Executive said, the partnership between the awards organizers and his company is a long term affair that is aimed at creating a positive effect on the Liberian Entertainment Industry in general, and the Liberian Music Industry in particular. 

“This is something we have been commmitted to, no matter the situation. It is our foremost responsibility to make sure that the local music or the entire film industry is developed to international stamdards that will benefit the players,” Agyapong said.

For the purpose of trust and accountability according to the release, Lonestar Cell-MTN has hired the auditing firm T.D. Joseph and Associates to handle the voting and tallying process.

Mr. Joseph Junior Teah, the LMA Liberia representative said, one of the organization’s main priorities is to cement a transparent voting and tallying process, which was the reason why the auditing firm T.D. Joseph and Associates was hired.

In addition to hiring an independent auditing firm, Lonestar Cell-MTN according to sources, have also added cash prizes to each of the categories of the 2018 edition of the awards, now known as the MTN Liberia Music Awards (MLMA).

Although not confirming the stipulated amounts which sources say range from US$5,000 to US$20,000 depending on the category, Lonestar Cell-MTN Chief Marketing Officer Yaw Ankoma Agyapong said, adding money to the awards will have a lots of benefits. He said, this will be a continuous occurrence and that his company plans to invest additional resources in the Liberian Music Industry.

The MTN Liberia Music Awards 2018 Edition has the following categories:

1. Album of the Year

2. AfroPop/Afro Dance Song of the Year

3. Video of the Year

4. Song of the Year

5. Artiste of the Year

6. New Artiste of the Year

7. Male Artiste of the Year

8. Female Artiste of the Year

9. Gospel Artiste of the Year

10. Gospel Song of the Year

11. Afro Pop Artiste of the Year

12. R&B/Afro Soul Song of the Year

Voting can be done on the Lonestar Cell-MTN Network by texting the code of your artiste from a selected category to the short code 1160 after which you will receive a confirmation message. In case you make an error when you vote, you will also receive an error message. You can vote for an artist as many times as you wish.

Fans of artists can also vote their favorite artists at the MLMA website at: www.vote.liberiamusicawards.org 


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