Breaking News: Gov’t Reshuffle To Affect Tweah, McGill And Other Top Gov’t Officials


Monrovia, Liberia- With President George Weah still trying to find stability and maximum output from within his administration, the highly speculated and long awaited reshuffle is reported to be nearing.

Although his government is being strangulated by lack of new investments, the Liberian President, according to reports, still demands the necessary outputs from his officials. Based on unsatisfactory performances, and misplaced appointments, President Weah has resolved to carry out a robust reshuffle in January, according to latest reports.

Sources told The Liberian Billboard that President George Weah himself is handling the reshuffle situation, and has kept tabs on the whole scenario. 

“What I can tell you right now is, the President is resolved; even Tweah and McGill will be affected,” a source said.

The sources further told our investigative desk that the President is not satisfied with the work of many of the ministries and the lack of innovation by some of his officials.

Political pundits have been complaining for the past few months about the poor performances of many of the officials appointed by the President. High on the list of criticisms are Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, who oppositions and many Liberians say, have not done much to improve the economy, and Minister of State, Nathaniel McGill who others have accused of being a negative influence to the Presidency.

When asked about specific reassignments, the sources refused to directly respond, but highlighted that many top government officials will be affected.

“This reshuffle will involve promotions, demotions and reassignments. There will be a lot of surprises,” another source told The Liberian Billboard.

Officials at the Ministry of State and Office of the Presidential Press Secretary when contacted, refused to speak on the matter. However, they could not confirm, nor deny the information.


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