Sources: Vice President Howard-Taylor Might Walk Out Of Government Soon


Monrovia, Liberia- Sources close to Liberia’s Vice President Madam Jewel Howard-Taylor say, she is considering walking out of the CDC-led government soon, in protest of what she term as interference in her party’s internal affairs and gross disrespect of her office by officials closed to the President of Liberia.

Speaking to The Liberian Billboard on condition of anonymity, sources say, the recent lawsuit initiated by the National Patriotic Party was sanctioned by the Vice President before she left the country.

The National Patriotic Party recently sue its embattled and expelled Chairman James Biney, Security General Bolton Dennis, CDC’s Chair Mulbah K. Morlu, Jr., and all officials of the CDC.

The suit alleged that Mr. Biney, along with Messrs. Bolton and Morlu are meddling in NPP’s internal affairs and are fronting as leaders of the party.

“The Vice President is already not satisfied about the way she is being sidelined in governmental affairs, then they are adding heat to the fire by interfering in her party’s affairs. She is very angry and said she might leave the government if nothing change soon,” a source closed to the Vice President told The Liberian Billboard.

Sources further told our correspondents that the Vice President was not as bothered as being sidelined in governmental affairs than what she is with Morlu’s interference in NPP internal affairs now.

“The Vice President sees Morlu’s interference as a challenge to her authority and she has stated that he has no right whatsoever to dictate what happens in the NPP. Biney was expelled by the party’s Executive Committee, and she wants Morlu or whoever to respect that decision. She’s not a woman to publicly complain, but I am telling you she might walk out sooner or later. This is not a rumor. It is a fact, and I speak with authority,” a source said.

The National Patriotic Party has been engulfed in a leadership dispute for awhile now, after Mr. James Biney was expelled from the party when he resisted attempts by Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor to reinstate partisans who left the party for other parties during the 2017 Presidential elections.

Attempts to reach Vice President Taylor’s Office for comments proved futile.


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