Sen. Prince Johnson: Any Attempt To Arrest Me Will Be Met With Mass Resistance


Monrovia, Liberia- With calls for the establishment of a War Crime Court heating up in Liberia, one of those recommended for prosecution in the Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Report, Senator Prince Y. Johnson has reacted sharply to campaigners of the court’s establishment in the country.

Speaking recently at a press conference in Gonpa, Nimba County, Senator Johnson said, calls for the establishment of a War Crimes Court setup in Liberia is a recipe for chaos.

“Any Attempt to arrest me will be met with serious resistance from my supporters,” the Nimba County Senator said.

Senator Johnson accused Representatives Larry Younquoi and Samuel Korga, and Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe, all of Nimba, for being in support of the War Crimes Court establishment.

At his church while preaching on Sunday, November 11, 2018, Senator Johnson criticizing the march for the establishment of a War Crimes Court in Liberia alleged that people are being paid to march in support of the court’s establishment, and most of the people who were being paid were members of several warring factions in Liberia. The Nimba County lawmaker said, the TRC report has no allegation in it.

“From the beginning of the report to the end, we are called criminals; notorious war criminal. You already have convicted us, so those calling for War Crimes Court are not wise.”

“The report is not is not unanimous. Four commissioners broke away from the other three and accused them of selective justice, They picked names from prosecution and there were no general determination made in who to be prosecuted,” Senator Johnson said.

Senator Johnson also said, the report referred to his forces as the most discipline warring faction, but is confused in part because the same report is alleging that he destroyed an entire community. He accused the groups calling for the establishment of the War Crimes Court to go back into Liberia’s history and see how Nimbaians were slaughtered.

“I was called by God to save my people. Where were human rights group when over 300 babies were thrown into wells in Nimba? Where were human rights group when Mano and Gios were slaughtered because of their tribes?

“When you come out for L$500 to demonstrate, we will, after consultation with the President call on all Nimbaians, 1.2 million in the street to demonstrate too.”

The Nimba lawmaker referred to Cllr. Jerome Verdier, former head of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as a criminal, stating that Cllr. Verdier redacted the referendum portion of the TRC report from the main report. He said, Cllr. Verdier intended to imposed his will upon the Liberian people after Liberians voted against the establishment of a War Crimes Court in a National Referendum.

Meanwhile, a march calling for the establishment of a War Crimes Court was held in Monrovia on Monday. Many Liberians took to the streets of Monrovia displaying placards and pictures of war victims while joining in chorus calling for the court establishment in the country.

If established, Senator Prince Johnson and many other top Liberians will be prosecuted for crimes against humanity, something which have been met with mixed reaction from the Liberian Public.

“These people need to be prosecuted. We need to set precedence in our country. If we allow this to go free, people will still want to do the same whenever they feel opposed to a government or certain group of people,” Mr. Desmond Rogers, a Liberian Political Scientist told our correspondent.

“I think we should just allow sleeping dog to lie. I don’t see how this will help Liberia. This is something I think that might even bring problem. Since we are already enjoying the peace, let us just move forward, but using War Crimes Court for political intent is bad. This might backfire in a bad way,” Mrs. Sarah Kingsley, a local businesswoman told The Liberian Billboard.


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