Rep. Hanson Kiazolu: “US$11,000.00 Representative Salary Is Insufficient”


Monrovia, Liberia- The Representative of Montserrado County District 17, Hon. Hanson Kiazolu, has said, the current salaries lawmakers are receiving is insufficient.

Rep. Kiazolu, a Unity Party lawmaker, made the statement on OK FM on Wednesday after he rubbished rumors that Liberian lawmakers earn US$15,000.00 monthly.

According to Hon. Kiazolu, lawmakers monthly earning, inclusive of of benefits and gasoline does not exceed US$11,000.00, and is insufficient as they have huge responsibilities in their various constituencies. He said, when lawmakers get through intervening in their various districts, they are left with almost nothing to take home to their families.

Meanwhile, the District 17 lawmaker confirmed the payment of US$1,000.00 to every member of the House as Daily Sustenance Allowance for a one day retreat held over the weekend. Hon. Kiazolu said, the money paid to lawmakers was legal and that nothing was wrong about the payment, refuting criticisms that lawmakers were paid huge sum of money just for sitting at a retreat for few hours.

Hon. Kiazolu’s statement has received sharp criticism from all across the political spectrum. Many Liberians lashing on Social Media said, the lawmaker was unconscious to the plights of ordinary citizens, and with the current economic status of the country, lawmakers should not even be making US$11,000.00.

“These are the kinds of selfish people we elected. This should be a lesson to Liberians,” Mr. James Johnson told The Liberian Billboard.

Another Liberian, Mr. Edward Baysah said, “It is time that Liberians start to think about weeding these kinds of people out of our Legislature. If he thinks the money is small, let him resign and go do other things that will give him more money.”

However, some Liberians sided with the lawmaker stating that most constituents often carry their personal problems to lawmakers to solve.

“My brother was once a representative. When you used to go to his house in the morning, it used to look more that hospital where patients were waiting for treatment. The people can face serious problems. Everybody want you to solve their personal problem. And if they don’t do it, you will find people making all kinds of scandals about them,” Ms. Jestina Blamo told The Liberian Billboard.