Protest For The Establishment Of War Crimes Court Held In Monrovia


Monrovia, Liberia- Thousands of Liberians on Monday filled the streets of Monrovia to march in support for the establishment of a War And Economic Crimes Court in Liberia.

The march which included several civil society organizations, ordinary Liberians and victims who suffered disabilities due to the Liberian civil conflict lasted for several hours in Monrovia.

Adama Dempster, one of the organizers of the peaceful protest said, the intent of the protest is to seek justice against all perpetrators of crimes against humanity during the 14-years Liberian conflict.

“All communications that are captured in the petition will be turned over to the United States Ambassador, and they are going to appropriately get back to us in short period of time.

“We want justice for past crimes. We think that after the civil conflict, Liberia has not see justice, and most of the people who committed these crimes are the most powerful people in Liberia and we though having them still continuing to rule us, there will be no justice for the victims community,” Mr. Dempster said.

Mr. Dempster further added that their campaign for justice will not end until all perpetrators are brought to justice He said, no matter their positions in government, Liberians must have justice for all crimes committed against them during the civil conflict.

Although Mr. Dempster stopped short of specifically naming individuals they want prosecuted, he however made reference to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report for names of those to be prosecuted.

“The records are there. The records are in the TRC report, that those who are listed to be prosecuted; we don’t have to call somebody by name. But quite frankly, we are saying that the over 250,000 people that died deserve justice, and the victims are living hopelessly, and we feel when justice come, it will be able to heal some of the deep wounds the people suffered,” Campaigner Dempster concluded.

Several high profile Liberians were recommended by Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission for prosecution for their part played in the 14-years civil conflict.

Pertinent among those recommended for prosecution are, Prince Y. Johnson, now Senator of Nimba County; George Boley, now a Representative in the Liberian National Legislature, Alhaji Kromah, amongst other Liberians.


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