NEC Investigating Incident Of Fraud In Sinoe County Just Ended By-Election


Monrovia, Liberia- The local office of the National Election Commission in Sinoe County is investigating incident of fraud in the just ended Senatorial By-Election.

According to reports from NEC local office in Greenville, the alleged fraud was discovered from Jarpukeh Voting Center in District #2, Sinoe County.

Sources from the national Elections Commission says, the NEC 2017 final Voters Registration Roll of the Jarpuken voting center has the total of three hundred and seventy-seven registrants, however, the center recorded four hundred and thirty-eight votes during the just ended Senatorial By-Election.

“Since the fraud was discovered, the Presiding Officer who was assigned at the center has disappeared,” a soure told The Liberian Billboard.

A local radio station, OK FM also reports, along with the presiding officer, all other electoral staff members who were also assigned at the Jarpuken voting in Sinoe County District #2 have all gone missing.

When contacted by The Liberian Billboard, the National Elections Commission said that they cannot comment of the matter for now as it is an active investigation. They informed our correspondents that findings will be released to the press after the investigation is concluded.

This is a developing story. We will bring you more information as new development come in.


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