“Legislature Is Most Useless Branch Of Government,” Says Chief Imam of Liberia


Monrovia, Liberia- The Chief Imam of the Republic of Liberia, Imam Ali Krayee has termed the Liberian Legislature, the most useless branch of government.

Imam Krayee speaking to reporters at a news conference in Monrovia on Monday said, the Liberian Legislature should be abolished because it is non functional, and does not pay attention to the reason for its establishment.

“First of all, you talk about Legislature; my frank opinion is, if I had my will, abolish the legislature. It has been the most useless arm of government in the history of this country,” Imam Krayee said.

The Muslim Cleric further said, he does not understand the function of the legislature, and stated that the only time he saw a fucntional legislature, was during the interim government of Interim President, Dr. Amos C. Sawyer. He said, the legislature under Dr. Sawyer regime stood up to the Presidency, and instead of wasting taxpayers money on people who will “rubber stamp” anything the President does, the legislature should be abolished.

“They are no use. There few exceptions in history, but in the overwhelming majority of the cases, they have just been there to eat money and rubber stamp what the President says,” Imam Krayee added.

The statement by Imam Krayee has received some applause, while at the same time received criticism from the public.

Gathering reaction from the religious community and the public, some Liberians told The Liberian Billboard that the Imam’s statement is in place as the Liberian Legislature does not make its own decisions.

“All of the decisions those lawmakers make are influenced by brown envelopes. When last have you heard a lawmaker or committee call a company or head of a government agency to a hearing and it has positive impact on the lives of ordinary Liberians? When you see those people calling companies and heads of government agencies, it mean they are broke and want some money,” Mr. Benjamin Arthur, a local businessman told The Liberian Billboard.

Buttressing Mr. Arthur’s assertion, other Liberians told our correspondents that the religious community has always played a pivotal role in Liberian politics, and supported the country’s chief imam’s statement.

“The Late Bishop Michael Francis and Chief Kafumba Konneh played serious role through the inter-religious council to bring peace to this country, and stood up to governments. Imam Krayee standing up to these legislators is nothing new, and this is something other heads of religious organizations should be doing,” Madam Siatta Gbonokai, a nurse practitioner added.

Meanwhile, Imam Krayee’s statement did not go down well with other Liberians.

“As the head of Liberia’s second most populous religious group, the Chief Imam was suppose to engage the legislature constructively, rather than calling a press conference just to rubbish them. That is not a good example of a religious personality,” Jeremiah Richards, a student of International Relations of the University of Liberia told The Liberian Billboard.

Some Liberians also termed the Imam Krayee’s statement as divisive. They said, as a head of a major religious group, whatever he says matters, and stating negativity against the first branch of government is anti-democratic and has the propensity of initiating chaos.

In the meantime, there have been no official response from the Liberian Legislature.